Freedom Kingdom is founded on the belief that everyone should be financially free. We have many tools in place for those who want to be financially free. Financial problems and less than perfect credit typically arise from a lack of credit education and life circumstances. So education and equipping you with little known tools is key! Despite your current situation, there is hope. Your credit and financial state can be restored. Some of the basic teachings of finances, credit, and budgeting aren't taught in schools however; it is never too late to learn and apply these teachings. We offer many services that will help you reach your future financial goals and restore your credit, ultimately leading to financial freedom! If you have a dream of owning a home, being debt free, or simply having great credit, then you’re in the right place. Your goals are our goals! We look forward to working with you on your path to freedom!

Get the Great Credit You Deserve!


We can help with removing inaccurate, erroneous, and obsolete information in your credit file including

  • Collections

  • Charge offs

  • Repossessions

  • Bankruptcy

  • Medical Bills

  • Student Loans

  • Judgements

  • Late Payments

  • Evictions

  • Tax Liens


Trade Lines

Improve your credit score rapidly by "credit piggybacking."

Estate Planning

If something were to happen to you, is there a plan in place for your assets, dependents, etc.?

Debt Elimination

Need an extra $200-$1,000 per month to pay off debt?

Credit Education

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about how credit works.


Since working with Freedom Kingdom, my credit score has increased by 25 points in less than 30 days. Trenace and her team are knowledgeable, professional, and supportive.
— Tim C.
I am a Profesional Client Advisor at the Sheehy Ford of Ashland. I first came to Sheehy organization back in 2013 with a 450 beacon. With the FES Protection Plan and Trenace Josiah, my score increased 200 plus points. With her professional guidance, my financial freedom has materialized and I am grateful to Trenace and Freedom Kingdom for empowering stability and strength in my financial foundation!
— Anthony J.